steamlab 2017

reimagine teaching and learning


Join us on July 19th for STEAMLab, a FREE professional development opportunity focused on tinkering and making across the curriculum. Our goal is to help educators in all grade levels and subject areas reimagine teaching and learning with the use of STEAM concepts.

STEAMlab will feature:

  • Keynote Sessions

  • Open Makerspace Time

  • Your Choice of Breakout Sessions

  • Learning Through Play

  • Quickfire Challenges

Plus enter to win a Chromebook, Makey Makey and an Ozobot for your classroom!



Waverly High School
160 Snow Road
Lansing, MI 418917


Date & time

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Featured Keynote

Ben Rimes - @techsavvyed
Serious Play; Serious Learning

Rules, guidelines, regulations, and directives. They govern our classrooms, our students' lives at school and home, and our society. They also form the foundation for a favorite pastime of young and old alike; games. Whether it's cards, video games, sports, or other playful endeavors, we live our lives surrounded by the seriousness of play. Why not tap games, tinkering, making, and playfulness to help students discover the seriousness of learning?

About Ben: Blogger, Podcaster, Education Nerd, University of Michigan Interactive Communications & Simulations Group Fellow, Adjunct Professor of Educational Technology at Michigan State University, and creator of fine GIFs and viral videos. Ben Rimes believes that play is the heart of the human condition, and allowing simulations, tinkering, games, and playfulness flourish in the classroom is paramount to a fertile learning environment.


Waverly High School
160 Snow Road
Lansing, MI 48917


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